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Subh Lakshmi Real Estates launch affordable housing Gurgaon project for those people, who were trying to get settled in Gurgaon for a very long time, but were not able to because of the lack of the affordability. Subh Lakshmi Real Estates on the other hand provide the people the better and affordable housing solutions in Gurgaon. The expert professionals have worked towards launching the best affordable housing project in Gurgaon, so the people can buy a home without any loan, tension, or stress.

The affordable housing Gurgaon project is designed by keeping in the mind the requirements of a middle class man. The concept of constructing the affordable housing project in Gurgaon in sector 84, 111, 89, 91, 107, in Sohni in sector 4 was a brilliant idea. Now, people can select their very own house in Gurgaon with their preferred sector. It will be very convenient for one to buy a home, which is near to his/her office or market. Such affordable housing in Gurgaon provides the facility so one can live the life easily without any complication. The affordable housing in Gurgaon includes 6 projects, which are located in Gurgaon in different sectors. One can have the advantage of living in the growing industrial city of Gurgaon, by living there.

Master Plan For Affordable Housing in Gurgaon

Gurgaon Map Gurgaon
Gurgaon Manesar Map Gurgaon Manesar
Sohna Map Sohna
List Of Licenses Of Affordable Housing Project Gurgaon/Sohna till 07 July 2014.
S.No. Developer Name Area (Acre.) Location Sector Project Name
1 Pivotal Infrastructure Pvt. Ltd. 5.17 Gurgaon 84 DEVAAN Sec-84 Gurgaon AHP
2 Lotus Realtech Pvt. Ltd. 5.09 Gurgaon 111 LOTUS COURT Sec-111 Gurgaon AHP
3 Maxworth Infrastructures Pvt.Ltd. 5.52 Gurgaon 89 MAXWORTH Sec-89 Gurgaon AHP
4 Mahendra Promoters Pvt.Ltd. 10 Gurgaon 91 SHANTIMA Sec-91 Gurgaon AHP
5 GLS Infratech Pvt.Ltd. 10.38 Sohna 4 ARAWALI HOMES Sec-4 Sohna AHP
6 Signature Builders Pvt.Ltd. 6.13 Gurgaon 107 SOLERA Sec-107 Gurgaon AHP

Layouts of Affordable Housing in Gurgaon Sector-111, Project LOTUS

No matter, if you are seeking a 1 BHK flat or a 2 BHK flat, the layouts of project LOTUS (Gurgaon) are simply amazing and your family is going to love it. These layouts are especially designed for those, who prefer tranquil ambiance and luxury in their houses in Gurgaon. As the name affordable housing in Gurgaon itself suggests these houses are not highly expensive and designed according to one’s needs and requirements. Such high design projects provide extremely modern elucidations, which will help in making your life sorted, relaxing and easy. The affordable housing Gurgaon projects are the next prime address in Gurgaon, which have been designed by one of the leading architects of India to construct the world class apartments with rich interiors and landscapes. One can make his dream come true by buying such affordable houses in Gurgaon. The affordable housing in Gurgaon is the perfect project and a correct destination for people. If you are thinking of buying a house in sector 111, then you can have a look at the affordable housing in Gurgaon sector 111.

Affordable housing in Gurgaon offers 1 BHK and 2 BHK flats, which come with a great space and meet your every requirement while suiting your lifestyle. Gurgaon has witnessed a crucial upswing in the real estate industry in the past few years and the prices of the property have galloped in the city of Gurgaon and this gave birth to the necessity of the development. Now, Gurgaon is making a buzz and it is now becoming a rising city. The big IT companies are now moving towards the city of Gurgaon. The job candidates are moving towards Gurgaon to obtain their dream job. Most of the people don’t buy the houses, because of the unavailability of affordable housing, but with such projects like affordable housing Gurgaon one can easily buy a home in affordable prices. One can select an apartment, which is luxurious, affordable and goes well with your lifestyle.


In the past decade, Gurgaon has attracted some of the top IT companies and increased the opportunities of the employment. This also increased the demand for real estate commercial and affordable residential. With the help of affordable housing in Gurgaon, the young salaried professionals can now afford better housing options. This increased a demand for upscale residences in Gurgaon, which are affordable.

The increasing salaries have given a boost to the demand for affordable luxurious and qualitative apartments and residences in Gurgaon. Several entrepreneurs, designers, investors, architects’ perceived Gurgaon as their favorite place. Whether it’s work, or education, Gurgaon is attracting more and more people. This is why; several people are arriving in Gurgaon and seeking affordable housing in Gurgaon for themselves.

In Gurgaon, life is hassle free and much sorted. The 1 BHK flats are very much affordable and compliment all the aspects.


It becomes very expensive to buy a 2 BHK house in Gurgaon, but with affordable housing Gurgaon, one can buy 2 BHK flat very easily. There are so many people, who prefer buying housing options, instead of renting it. Due to this factor, the demand of 2 BHK flats has raised. One can have all the luxuries, amenities and facilities in such housing, which is highly affordable.


Layouts of Affordable Housing in Gurgaon Sector-89, Project MAXWORTH


The Project MAXWORTH (Gurgaon) is designed for family needs and creates a serene environment for you and your family. However, affordable housing in Gurgaon sector 79 is not as easy as it seems, but with these projects, one can surely get his very own home without putting a load on his bank account. The affordable housing in Gurgaon particularly offers the excellent functions to live a peaceful and comfortable life.

Layouts of Affordable Housing in Gurgaon Sector-91, Project Mahendra SHANTIMA

The Project Mahendra SHANTIMA (Gurgaon) is located in sector 91 and it comes under the newly project. This is a very good option for those people, who were trying to buy a home in Gurgaon, but weren’t able to, because of the high prices, but with these brilliant projects, you can certainly buy a house, which you can call your own.

Mahendra Shantima Floor Plan
Mahendra Shantima Location Map
Mahendra Shantima Site Layout Plan
Layouts of Affordable Housing in Gurgaon Sector-84, Project Pivotal DEVAAN

The Project Pivotal DEVAAN (Gurgaon), which is located in sector 84, is becoming the new housing area and it is being loved by the people. This project can fulfil every family’s needs and these houses are comfy enough to vanish your tiredness. One can have a look at the map to find, where the project is actually located. One can have a look at the affordable housing in Gurgaon sector 84.

Pivotal Devaan Floor Plan-A
Pivotal Devaan Floor Plan-B
Pivotal Devaan SIte Plan
Pivotal Devaan Affordable Housing Location
Layouts of Affordable Housing in Sohna Sector-4, Project GLS Arawali Homes

The project affordable housing Gurgaon GLS Arawali Homes is located in sector 4 in Sohna. Now, with such projects, you can also own a home in Sohna at very pocket friendly prices.

GLS Arawali Floor Plan 1
GLS Arawali Floor Plan 2
GLS Arawali Location Map
GLS Arawali Site Plan
Affordable Housing Gurgaon FAQ
1. What type of housing does the Affordable Housing Gurgaon provide?
Our brilliantly designed affordable housing Gurgaon provides a wide range of various affordable housing options in Gurgaon. The buyer can have a look at the 1 BHK as well as 2 BHK flat, which are luxurious enough to live and comfortable enough to have peace of mind.
2. Who can apply for the affordable housing Gurgaon program?
Those who are seeking the housing options in Gurgaon may apply for the program.
3. How do I apply for the housing program in Gurgaon? Is there any criteria?
In order to apply for the affordable housing program, one needs to call on the number, which has been provided in the website. You can clear all your queries and doubts.
4. How long will it take to see if I have been approved to become a resident in Affordable Housing Gurgaon?
It all depends on the availability, but you will soon receive the information about the status and the availability. Please note that our housing program includes a waiting list so apply for the program as soon as possible in order to get the housing availability. You need to call on the provided number regarding your questions.
5. What sectors are you located in Gurgaon?
Our affordable housing projects are located in Gurgaon in Sector 84, 111, 89, 91, 107, and in sector 4 in Sohna. If you are interested in the affordable housing Gurgaon projects, then you can call on the number for detailed information.
6. Are your affordable housing apartments accessible?
Yes, all our affordable housing in Gurgaon projects provides accessible and affordable housing in an independent living environment. Many affordable housing apartments are specifically designed with brilliant features.
7. I am new in Gurgaon, how to find the projects?
We keep every need and requirement in our minds and that is why we have included the maps to show the ways in Gurgaon and also provided the number to clear your every question and query.
8. Is the location of your every affordable housing Gurgaon project good enough?
Our every affordable housing Gurgaon projects are located in very good and safe localities so there is nothing to be worried about.